Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dorothy Lane Markets Dayton Ohio

Dorothy Lane Markets in Dayton and Springboro Ohio have been selling gelato and sorbetto under the Dorothly Lane Market label. Madisono's is the proud producer of these great produts. It even says so on the side of every pint. Calvin Mayne and the team at DLM wanted their customers to know that they were using the highest quality gelato and sorbetto avaialable and that it was made locally. At the present time Madisono's produces 11 flavors for the DLM label. We are proud to announce two more that will be available in April. They are Pistachio and Straccaitella.
The Pistachio is made with 100% all natura pistachio paste and our all natural cream gelato base. We are mixing in large pieces of pistachios for a unique taste experience.
The Staccaitella (chocolate chip) is made with our all natural gelato base and pure vanilla. We then add, by hand, our secret mix of chocolate to the frozen gelato for the perfect delivery of vanailla and chocolate. If you are in Dayton please stop in and pick up a pint of Dorothy Lane Gelato and Sorbetto.


Angela Roskop Erisman said...

Hi Matt! We had your pistachio at my graduation in June. It was fantastic!
- Angie

Erin Swing said...

I'm liking this format/layout!