What else differentiates our entire line of products from the competition?

Founded by Matt Madison, a Food and Wine Magazine tastemaker award winner in 2004, Madisono's established itself from the beginning with a dedication to both quality and craft.

1. Each batch of gelato and sorbet is made in ten-quart batches every time.
2. Each recipe is executed one after the other to ensure quality, discipline, and detail to flavors and texture.
3. We use natural cane sugar, Belgian chocolate, bovine growth hormone-free milk from a local dairy, and fresh herbs.
4. We adhere every label by hand.
The result is a delicious dessert that is lower in butterfat and calories than regular ice cream.

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E-mail: "madisonosgelato AT gmail DOT com."

Madisono's Gelato & Sorbet
33 Woodsdale Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45216