Thursday, July 18, 2013

A special fundraiser for the Evan's Family

A few weeks ago, I (Matt Madison) was coming home from the pool after a quick evening swim and happened to become part of a tragic event in Cincinnati. The owner of the Cosmic Pizza restaurant had been shot and was lying in the neighbor's yard. My wife had been the first to drive by and was frantically speaking to the 911 operator to get help. I went to Rich Evan's side and knelt down next to him and grabbed his hand. I encouraged him to hang on until help came and prayed for him but within a few minutes, he had died. I've never had the privilege of accompanying someone as they took their last breaths of life, but I can tell you that it is something I will never forget.

As the evening played out, I saw the entirety of the tragedy. Rich, who I'd just spoken with that week, had left behind a wife who speaks little English and three bright young children. He'd taken care of their every need up until the moment of his passing, and now they were left with no family to help them through the next awful steps of their life. Since then, we've been tightly involved with Ao (his wife) and her children and have seen an incredible outpouring of support. Friends have stopped by every day to check on them, make phone calls, sort through bills, and more. So many have donated money to the website so that the family can make it through the next months without financial worries and it is incredible to see such loving generosity. I feel especially close to this tragedy, not only because I was there the night Rich died, but because I am an entrepreneur who wants to support his growing family with my products and hard work. I feel like I can't do enough to help them out. I know many of you feel the same way.

This Sunday, we will be selling cups of Madisono's gelato in front of Madison's Market at Findlay Market. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Evans family. We thank you for the support you have already shown, and hope you will enjoy a cup of gelato knowing that it will continue to help a family in great need.