Monday, September 19, 2011

Lunch on the land 2011

This past Sunday, September 18th, marked the third Lunch on the Land Findlay Market fundraiser. Held at Turner Farm in Indian Hill, the event was a collection of Cincinnati's finest restaurant talent and those dedicated to preserving Historic Findlay Market. Madisono's has been a participant in the event since the beginning and every year it gets better. The Tillers provided the music, Amy Tobin served as MC and the chefs provided some great food. 150 people attended the event. Scarlet Oaks culinary students helped out for service and prep. I have included several photos of the event.

This year I wanted to do something different. We have been making Madisono Mad Pops for about year so to make that anniversary, I decided to serve a Mad Pop. My direction was to look for farm related foods that could work in a pop. I settled on an apple carrot and beet pop. Niemeyer Farms provided the apples. I froze them in 3 separate stages so that each flavor could be experienced, it also added a nice stratification to the pop. Thanks to all of you who attuned this year.

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