Thursday, March 15, 2012

Madisono's Gelato in Cincinnati's Top 10 Restaurants

Well, the good news just keeps rolling in! Cincinnati Magazine published it's list of Cincinnati's Top 10 restaurants and Madisono's Gelato and Sorbet is very proud to be on the menu of many of them. All the restaurants listed are excellent and a boon to the food culture which is thriving in our fair city. Congratulations to all the chefs who work so hard to get these well-deserved accolades.

Here is the Top 10 list:
1. Orchids at Palm Court
2. Jean Robert's Table (Madisono's is served here)
3. The Palace
4. Bouquet
5. Nicola's (Madisono's is served here)
6. Cumin (Madisono's is served here)
7. Senate
8. Hugo
9. Boca (Madisono's is served here)
10. Sichuan Bistro

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Surprise! Madisono's gets a visit from the Feds...

Well, that got your attention, didn't it? We had the requisite unscheduled visit from the FDA last week and are happy to say that they are very pleased with our operation. The federal government mandates that all food manufacturing facilities are inspected by the Food and Drug Administration. These visits are appropriately unannounced and unscheduled so that the FDA gets to know what the facility in like during it's daily operations. Our visit lasted about 4 and a half hours as we answered questions on our sanitation practices, safety procedures, the sequencing of how we produce our gelato and sorbet along with a tour of our facility.

We were glad to know that what we do on a daily basis gets good marks from those who's entire job is to protect the safety of the American consumers. Of course, we had to do double time to catch up on production lost that day but it's good to know that the system is in place and does work, doesn't it?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Madisono's Gelato welcomes Enoteca Emilia

We are very pleased to announce that the restaurant Cincinnati Magazine voted "Best New Restaurant" is now offering Madisono's Gelato and Sorbet on their menu.

Enoteca Emilia is located in the brick building on Madison Avenue in O'Bryonville. Previously, that location has been a revolving door of restaurants, cafes and bars but we're quite sure that revolving door is now one that will be open for a long time. Chef Jeremy Luers is creating quite an impression on Cincinnati's food lovers with his delicious Italian wine bar concept. There is a list of cured meats, cheeses and "Cicchetti" or bar snacks to keep this grazer happy for a long evening out. Of course, what is an Italian feast without the best gelato in the city?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

513eats is a feast of Cincinnati's food love

I was introduced to a stunningly beautiful magazine last week called 513eats. Created with the glory of Cincinnati's food in mind, I spent my time reading and admiring it in the full glory of Cincinnati's rich foodie culture. This is the second issue that is the love-child created by photographer Gina Weathersby, stylist Nora Martini and caterer/writer Ilene Ross.

The photographs showcase the food, ingredients and settings in a lush visual setting. All the articles are well written and the recipes worth trying...even if we can't make them look as beautiful as the pictures. The magazine reminds us of our love for Cincinnati and its food. I especially enjoyed seeing one of my favorite spots, The Comet in Northside, and the article on the family who keeps chickens at their urban home was charming. This particular issue took us on a road trip to Columbus to see Snowville Creamery, Jeni's Ice Cream and more.

We struggled to choose which photographs to tease you with, but you can be sure to view the whole glory of the magazine here. Now, aren't you glad you live in Cincinnati??

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Madisono's wins Dorothy Lane Award

We were so honored to receive this award last Friday. We partnered with Dorothy Lane over 4 years ago to create some custom flavors worthy of the store's high-end branding and they've been one of our top vendors ever since. There are many reasons why Dorothy Lane stores (located in Dayton, OH) are so successful. They treat their employees with such respect, and do the same with their vendors. This is the second time we've won this award. We are so excited to continue our great relationship with this thoughtful and successful company. Thanks to everyone who helped us earn it!