Monday, March 9, 2009

The Art of Food

I spent Saturday night in the company of friends, foodies and some of Cincinnati's best culinary talent. The Art of Food was held once again at the Carnagie Arts Center in Covington. This event showcases local artist who make unique art from food as well as local chefs and organizations. At the invitation of Chef Cristian Pietoso from Via Vite, I came ready to serve the award winning Scroppino drink. This is the signature drink at Via Vite and Nicola's. It is made with Madisono's Ruby Red Grapfruit Sorbet (made exclusively for Chef) prosecco, and grapefruit vodka. In addition to the Scroppino Chef Cristian also served sushi grade scallops with a light olive oil, onion, carrot and parsley delivery. Many people commented on the fact that the scallops were the best dish of the night. They also thought the Scroppino was excellent.
Chef Chris Burns from Jean Ro was next to us as was Chef Gregg Gimanetti and his wife Summer. Lavomatic served up some home made cracklings with rabbit and Quarter Bistro had a great short rib. One highlight of the night was meeting the host of the Midnight Gourmet show on WCIN Chef Keith Tolbert. He was featured in this weeks CitiBeat. He has a realy cool story and is working on a cooking show at WCET. It is set to go national. He interviewed many of the chefs at the event and myself. It was a good time I encourage you to look for it next year. It is a great event.

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liberal foodie said...

thanks for this! I couldn't remember the details of the drink except that it was made with grapefruit, and italian vodka. I am writing about my experience on the opening night of The Art of Food and, if you don't mind, will use your description.