Thursday, March 12, 2009

The perfect Peach

As I develop my blog I want to include some photos and videos of what we are doing at Madisono's. My wife alsways seems to have the camera at her store, Margot Madison Creative Stationery. She also has a blog. Check it out. I think she wants to keep it so she can add photos on her blog. Maybe we need another camera. In these times of economic consolidation I don't think so. Why spend $150.00 on another digital camera? I just need to remind her to bring it home. With the weather getting warmer I though I would post these photos of the peaches we used last year. They were sweet and juicey peaches from South Carolina. We processed them and then used them in our peach proseccco sorbet and peach gelato. Tty not to drool. My mouth yearns for peaches like this.


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