Friday, March 13, 2009

Art Work

This week marked one of the busiest weeks this year. Actually it maks the one of the busiest weeks this year and a good part of last year. In Februrary I made a decision to raise prices on gelato and sobet pints. The cost increase was minor to the cost increases I have seen over the last year. This is the first cost increase to my customers since the Madisono's was founded in April of 2006! I always agonize over these kinds of decisions. When I started I could buy a 50 Lbs. bag of sugar for $14.50. They now cost $22.50. That is a 55% cost increase for an ingredient that we use in large amounts. Everything from paper pints, vanilla, milk, cream and our imported ingredients from Italy have all taken huge cost increases. I still have vendors that charge fuel surcharges despite the decrease in fuel prices.

Back to being busy. We are all very excited about the increase in sales in the retail and restaurarnt part of the business. I believe in my customers and I feel that they believe in me. I have always tried to deliver the best gelato and sorbet. The repeat business affirms that in some way that what we make is good and worth a repeat purchase. I find hope in this that despite the economic crisis people are still making purchasing decisions that support a local economy. I often wonder if people are buying more Graeter's instead of Hagen Daaz or Ben and Jerry's because the local economy needs it. The linkages to my business reach Ohio dairy farmers and many other small business right here in Cincinnati.

I started out to tell you about our new artwork so here it is. Look for the Madisono's Van on the road and if you see us honk 2x


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