Friday, May 31, 2013

Indie Music Night on Fountain Square

Music is a huge part of the production atmosphere at Madisono's. We especially love listening to the internet station SomaFM set to Digitalis and Indie Pop Rocks genres.

You can see why we are VERY excited to be a part of the MidPoint Indie Summer going happening on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati Friday nights from 8 until 11. Madisono's will be enjoying the great music with you and keeping you cool and refreshed with Tartufo, Mad*Pops, Gelato (lower in fat than ice cream!) and Sorbet (vegan and dairy free).

This Friday will be featuring The Pomegranates, The Yugos will be releasing their CD, and the Cincinnati band The Never Setting Suns. We can't wait!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Welcome Katie the Intern!

We are very happy to have Katie the Intern helping us out with production this summer. Katie is from Antioch College in Yellow Springs and has done very well in her 'Trial by Fire' job. We've been super busy preparing 4 ounce cups of gelato for Dorothy Lane stores in addition to our regular gelato and sorbet production. She has not yet seen MadSquatchy but is on the look-out. Glen Helen is reportedly a very squatchy area...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Caramel with Sea Salt: The real story about why it's not Burnt Sugar and Star Anise

The creative process is always at work, here at Madisono's. We love trying out new and different flavor combinations and testing them out on our *usually grateful* family and friends. Sometimes we start with one flavor combination and end up with a completely different one. Such is the case with one of our most beloved flavors, Caramel and Sea Salt.

Would you believe that this flavor actually started as burnt sugar with star anise? After some initial experimentation, Matt decided to make some caramel from the burnt sugar by adding cream to the hot mix. After the steam cleared, he poured the caramel ribbons into the vanilla base and added the sea salt to enhance the buttery flavors. After his first flavor tester (his mother-in-law) called and begged for more after trying the one pint, he figured he was on to something. Conversely, his kids wouldn’t touch the star anise version, so that was shelved for further exporation.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Introducing The Madisono Tartufo!

We are very excited to be introducing our newest line of gelato deliciousness: The Madisono Tartufo!

"That's great Matt, we love Madisono's gelato but what the heck is a tartufo?"

We thought you'd never ask! Tartufo means 'truffle' in Italian. The truffle a small blackish mushroom that is dug from the ground and highly prized in the culinary world. The sweet truffle confection was named so because of it's visual likeness to the truffle mushroom.

The Madisono's Tartufo is our own creative expression inspired by truffles. We start with a nugget of rich chocolate ganache, surround it with Madisono's gelato and drizzle more chocolate on the outside. We've been working on our recipes and combinations for almost a year now and after many, many trials and errors *patting full bellies* we have come up with a frozen treat we hope you love as much as we do!

One of the best parts about the Madisono Tartufo is that it is portable, which means you will have a chance to try one wherever you see the Madisono's Cart, and at Madison's Market at Findlay Market in Over The Rhine, Cincinnati.

Our current flavors are Dark Chocolate Orange, Malted Chocolate, Mint Chip and Caramel with Sea Salt but you can be sure that we will be creating more flavors as we go. We just can't help ourselves!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Seeing Squatchy

While we at Madisono's are very serious about our gelato and sorbet creations, we also really enjoy having fun while we do it. Noah and I listen to SomaFM (Indie Pop Rocks) while we work, we banter back and forth about production and flavors and generally have a great time in the plant. One of our favorite topics to discuss is Sasquatch; not because we believe it exists but because we love a good folklore. We are fascinated in particular by the people who track Sasquatch and claim sightings in the forests. So Sasquatch has lovingly become part of Madisono's lore, because it's just good fun. We imagine Sasquatch holding a pint of Madisono's gelato while he walks through the forest. We've even had sightings here at the plant. Luckily, we were able to capture the shot in time...

If you want to follow Madisono's Squatchy shots and add some of your own, use #MadSquatchy.