Monday, April 30, 2012

Dietary restrictions and allergies? Try sorbet!

There is so much to worry about these days when entertaining guests. We have a friend who is lactose intolerant, another who developed Celiac's disease and can't have gluten, and yet another friend who is allergic to eggs, another who has a nut allergy. It might seem daunting to come up with a dessert to please all of your special food needs, but it's not.

Try some Madisono's sorbet and everyone will be safe and their taste buds happy. Sorbets are all about fruit. With no milk, cream or eggs, they depend only on sugar, lemon juice and fresh fruit for flavor. Elegantly simple and refreshingly tart, sorbets were the rage during Victorian years, when they were served as palate cleansers between rich, heavy courses. The Italian sorbetto, is more intense in flavor and generally has more fruit and less water, resulting in a softer, less icy texture.

Madisono's grapefruit sorbet is lively and refreshing, the red raspberry sorbet has intense red color that looks a stunning in a bowl as it tastes, and the lemon basil sorbet continues to be one of our best sellers for it's unique fresh citrus flavor. Serve any of these with some fresh fruit and you have a healthy and delicious dessert to delight all your guests!