Restaurants serving Madisonos

Restaurant Locations

Interested in dining out where you can order Madisono's Gelato and Sorbet for dessert? Check out any of the following restaurants:

Anchor OTR, Cincinnati, OH

Arnold's Bar and Grill, Cincinnati, OH

Booksellers on Fountain Square, Cincinnati, OH

Bluebird Bakery, Glendale, OH

Bronte Bistro, Joseph Beth Bookstore in Hyde Park, OH

Campanello's Italian Restaurant

Coles 735, Lexington, KY

College Hill Coffee Company, College Hill

Delicio Coal Fired Pizza, Montgomery, OH

Essencha Tea House, Oakley, OH

Ferarri's Little Italy and Bakery, Madeira, OH

Funky's Catering, Cincinnati, OH

Gabby's, Wyoming, OH

Germano's, Montgomery, OH

Golden Lamb, Hamilton, OH

Jean-Robert's Table, Cincinnati, OH

Kenwood Country Club, Kenwood, OH

Mantra on the Hill, Mt. Adams

May Cafe, Milford

Molly Malones, Covington, KY

Nada, Downtown Cincinnati, OH

Nicola's Restaurant, OTR, Cincinnati

Obscura, Downtown Cincinnati, OH

Palomino at Cincinnati, Downtown Cincinnati, OH

Pitrelli's Italian Deli, Mason, OH

Pompilio's, Covington, KY

Prima Vista, Cincinnati, OH

Prime 47, Cincinnati, OH
Prime 47, Carmel, IN
Prime 47, Indianapolis, IN

Ruth's Parkside Cafe, Northside, Cincinnati, OH

Rue du Maine, Dayton, OH

Savannah Center, Cincinnati, OH

Symphony Hotel, Cincinnati, OH

Taste of Belgium, OTR & Short Vine

Vertigo Catering, Cincinnati, OH

Via Vite, Downtown Cincinnati, OH