Thursday, March 19, 2009


Madisono's has had a long standing relationship with Chef David Faulk of Boca and Nada restaurants. Much of his culinary talent have been with him since the early days when Boca was located in Northside. I used to sell to Chef David at the Northside Farmers Market. He would shop the market with his crew and go back with some of the freshest ingredients in town. I used to provide them with squash blossoms for a dish they made there. They were filled with ricotta cheese, battered and fried. Now that I am in the gelato and sorbet business I always jump at a chance of creating a real flavor for my long time customers. I have been asked to create for other chefs and I am sad to say that their enthusiasm for unique flavors wanes when it comes time to purchasing their requested flavors. In my eagerness to please I am proud to say that I have been able to dicern who is for real and who is not. We do not do this for just anyone. So.... when Chef Mitch asked me to work on a new flavor for Nada I took the challege because I know they are serious. I can not disclose what the flavor is at this time but it is very good and quite uniqe.
In the same week another great customer, Chef Chris from Prima Vista called and asked for a new flavor. Chef Chris has been a great supporter of Madisono's. When I first went to talk to him about Madisono's he was already using a gelato supplier from out of state. He said he would consider my products if I would consider making a banana caramel praline. This is paired with their bread pudding and is quite famous there. At the time I did not make such a flavor but in my desire to please I did and Chef Chris agreed to use 100% Madisono's after that. So his request for a new flavor is sincere and I know he will use it. The flavor we are making for Prima Vista is Pinoccate or pine nut. I make my own paste for this flavor and all I can say is that it is a wonderful flavor. If eats like dream. Sorry there are no plans to package this flavor into pints so if you want to try it you will have to go to Prima Vista. It is not on the menu until some time in April.
I value my relationships with my chefs and my customers. It is my hope that you, my customers, will read this and know how much your support of Madisono's is valued. If we ever leat you down please let me know.

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