Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year

I am sitting here at the keypad eating Haribo Gummy Bears and counting the days to a new year. This is alway a fun time of the year for me not just because of the holidays, but it is the end of year and that means data!. More data to review and look at. I am a numbers nerd and love looking at the "final" run of sales data, sales by flavor and everything. It is like looking back on a project or paint job that is completed and saying "wow can you believe we did that?" That feeling of accomplishment. Reviewing the numbers is like that for small business owners or for me at least. With January eveything is a clean slate. Everything is fresh.
I wrote earlier about new flavors for the new year and I just finished two more today in the gelato lab. I do wish I could say what they are but I should wait until everything is set. I can tell you that I made an Earl Grey Tea Gelato for Via Vite and will deliver that on Thursday. It is quite good. I was thinking of making some sandwiches using some McVities' Digestives for the cookie part and filling it with the gelato. If you have never had a McVitie digestive I suggest you try them. They are available at Jungle Jims in the England section. The new flavor offerings are going to give you a chance to explore some great new combinations and flavors. I hope you all have a great new year and thank you all for your support of Madisonos