Thursday, February 26, 2009

Samples and More Good Samples

Today is a good day at Madisono's. We have just received many new samples. We are always looking to make better gelato and sorbet, and that means sourcing the best ingredients. As the brand develops it is difficult or impossible to make changes to existing products. We have not made any changes to existing flavors, but the new flavor research has allowed me to get creative. I am able to start with or basic base and then build a flavor on that foundation. The most important element now is to do it as clean as possible. The imported ingredients come with some color additives. If I can make a new flavor without that then why not do it? We have several new flavors in development that I would love to share with my customers. When they are ready I will release them. As I seek to understand the science behind flavor and texture I find myself deconstructing and rebuilding to my own blueprint, Madisono's blueprint.

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