Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cincinnati Magazine Restaurant Issue

The Cincinnti Magazine Restaurant Edition is out and Madisono's is proud to announce that 6 of the top 10 serve Madisono's!
They are in order of rank.
1. Orchids at Palm Court: Chef Todd Kelly. Spiced Chai and Lemon Basil available on the room ervice menu. New flavors will be added durring the year.
2. Nicola's: Chef Cristian Pietoso serves Dark Chocolate Orange, Zabione, Apricot, Mocha Chip, French Vanill, Passion Fruit Sorbet, Red Ruby Grapefruit Sorbet (made only for Chef Cristian) and Hazelnut Gelato.
3. Boca: Chef David Faulk serves Mocha Chip, Passion Fruit Sorbet, Hazelnut, Red Raspberry Sorbet and Pink Grapefruit Sorbet
4. Via Vite: Chef Cristian Pietoso serves Dark Chocolate, Ruby Red Grapefruit, French Vanilla, Lemon Sobet, and Mocha Chip
6. Nectar: Chef Julie Francis serves Dark Chocolate Orange
7. Cumin: Chef Yajan serves Pear Cardamom Sorbet and Pink Grapefruit Sorbet with Lavender. Chef Yajan wants to work with Madisono's to develop some custom flavors for the restaurant that will be nothing less than inspiring.
Via Vite and Nicolas make a great drink called a Sccrapino (sp?) and Boca make a mean grapefruit martini.

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