Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jean Ro Bistro

Executive Chef Chris Burns asked me to produce a smoked honey gelato. Chef Chris is smoking many ingredients in house using an alto sham smoker. Chris provided a bold honey infused with smoke. The honey is from local hives. The gelato was smooth and creamy. The honey and smoke are neck and neck in delivery. The honey is forward in flavor only in that the time it takes for the smoke to register as "is that realy smoke?" in the brain. I recal the experience in taking a drink from a coke can that has been filled with water. The intial reaction is to spit out the unknown content not recognizing the familiar taste of water. I think the unexpected taste of smoke is one that would come as a surprise. Chef Chris and I will be working together on many projects. His passion for molecular gastronomy is unique. Chef Chris is the first chef that I have met that knows what I want to do with Madisono's and can see the oppertunities to explore. I sold gelato to Jean Ro Bistro over a year ago and at that time we did not disclose our passion for this science. This may be a recent development for him. I look forward to working with Chef Chris in the future. We now have a court so let's play ball.

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