Thursday, March 15, 2012

Madisono's Gelato in Cincinnati's Top 10 Restaurants

Well, the good news just keeps rolling in! Cincinnati Magazine published it's list of Cincinnati's Top 10 restaurants and Madisono's Gelato and Sorbet is very proud to be on the menu of many of them. All the restaurants listed are excellent and a boon to the food culture which is thriving in our fair city. Congratulations to all the chefs who work so hard to get these well-deserved accolades.

Here is the Top 10 list:
1. Orchids at Palm Court
2. Jean Robert's Table (Madisono's is served here)
3. The Palace
4. Bouquet
5. Nicola's (Madisono's is served here)
6. Cumin (Madisono's is served here)
7. Senate
8. Hugo
9. Boca (Madisono's is served here)
10. Sichuan Bistro

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