Wednesday, March 7, 2012

513eats is a feast of Cincinnati's food love

I was introduced to a stunningly beautiful magazine last week called 513eats. Created with the glory of Cincinnati's food in mind, I spent my time reading and admiring it in the full glory of Cincinnati's rich foodie culture. This is the second issue that is the love-child created by photographer Gina Weathersby, stylist Nora Martini and caterer/writer Ilene Ross.

The photographs showcase the food, ingredients and settings in a lush visual setting. All the articles are well written and the recipes worth trying...even if we can't make them look as beautiful as the pictures. The magazine reminds us of our love for Cincinnati and its food. I especially enjoyed seeing one of my favorite spots, The Comet in Northside, and the article on the family who keeps chickens at their urban home was charming. This particular issue took us on a road trip to Columbus to see Snowville Creamery, Jeni's Ice Cream and more.

We struggled to choose which photographs to tease you with, but you can be sure to view the whole glory of the magazine here. Now, aren't you glad you live in Cincinnati??

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