Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Market Wine Tasting

Today from 3 to 6 I will be at Findlay Market. There is a great wine store there called Market Wines. It is a new additon to the Market. It is located on W. Elder St. just a few doors down from my parents store, Madison's at Findlay. Many people have been mixing our sorbet with different prosecco and alcoholic beverages and sharing these pairings with my parents. My Dad was talking with the owner, Mike, about putting together a tasting and here it is. I will be sampling lemon basil sorbet, pink grapefruit sorbet and chocolate gelato with a combination of beverages. Tuesday is also the farmer's market day at Findlay so if you are not doing anything you might want to stop by. Please check in at Market Wines for there wine tastings. I believe they do them on Saturday from 11 on and durring the week. I will post the exact mixes used today after the event so stay tuned.

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