Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Market Wine Tasting With Info

I had a great time yesterday! As you know I did tasting with Mike from Market Wines. The response was great. We had around 45 patrons. I had a great oppetunity to talk with everyone which is something that I do not get to do. What did we do?
Here it is. The first tasting was a Prosecco with Lemon Basil Sorbet. Many people enjoyed the two mixed into their glass, others just had the sorbet on the side. The second was St. Germaine liquor. This is unique in that it is made with Elderflowers. The partnering whith these two flavors was very well recieved. The last offering was Frambois Lambic with chocolate gelato. A beer float! It sounds, well a little strange, but this by far was the favorite. Mike and I are going to plan another tasting for August and his next tasting on Tuesday is going to be french. It is Bastille Day. Thanks to all who came, and tell your friends about market wines. All of Madisono's sorbets and gelatos are available at Madison's at Findlay. 110 W. Elder St.

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