Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bigg's Discounts for June

Bigg's offers Madisono's at 7 stores. They are Hyde Park, Mason, Highland, Florence, West Chester, Delhi, and Sky Top. Madisono's is offering $0.50 off the purchase of any flavor pint of gelato and sorbet starting June 6th and running through July 5th. The discount will scan at the register. If you find yourself at Bigg's pick up a pint or three and tak advantage of the savings.


Jenny said...

I picked up the Dark Chocolate Orange which is my most favorite flavor combination. Thank you for making such a perfect product. The flavors are so balanced and the gelato is so creamy. This is the first time I have tried your gelato and now it is my favorite treat. I will try the lemon basil but PLEASE don't stop making the Dark Chocolate Orange. It's brilliant.

Ron Harper said...

I agree. The dark Chocolate Orange is wonderful. I just found it today at biggs. Have you thought about doing a Pistachio flavor? I can't find that anywhere, and it would be a natural for gelato.