Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gelato King

The City Beat "Hot" issue is out and they have given me the noble title of Gelato King! Thank you City Beat and thank you to all of the City Beat readers. If you have not had a chance to check out the issue pick one up today. It is loaded with good stuff.
This weekend is loaded with cool Gelato and Sorbet news. Let me first review last week. On Saturday I traveled to Colombus Ohio to Hills Market for the Annual Salmon Roast. Wow! what an event. I have no iedea how many pounds of salmon they had but it was much. I had the great pleasure of sampling over 500 portions of Dark Chocolate Orange, Mocha Chip and Lemon Basil Sorbet to all who waited in line. I also met a really cool owner of a comapany out of Colombus called Little Rosie's dressings and marinades. Pam was serving her dressings on a mini salad. Very cool.
This week we are sending some gelato and sorbet down to the Know Theatre. The Fringe Festival is in full swing this week. Madisono's has been a proud partner of The Know Theatre. For each opening we donate gelato and sorbet so people can have a sweet treat at the end of the show. It is a great way for people to taste my products and it also allows the theatre to offer something with out additional expenses. I am delivering a fine selection today, so if you are down there be sure to get a scoop.
Sunday night I am providing gelato and sorbet to the annual meeting of Maiytres Cuisiniers De France. This is a delagation of chefs, pastry chefs and food professionals from Canada and France. Every year they meet and this year it is Cincinnati. I have been asked to speak at the meeting and I am looking forward to it. I will let you know more about after the event.

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