Monday, January 18, 2010

New Flavors At Last

Today is a great day at the Madisono's production kitchen. I started production on some of the new flavors today. What are they you ask?
Burnt Sugar with Star Anise
Sumatran Java
Julia's Favorite Mango is now made with 100% pure Alphonso Mango
Black Raspberry
Alphonso Mango
I have waited 3.5 years to produce Black Raspberry sorbet and now it is happening. Why the wait? I had always tried to work with fresh or frozen berries. The problem is the seeds. There are just to many and that upsets the texture of the finished sorbet. I have finally found a domestic source of Black Raspberry puree that is incredible. When you taste this sorbet it is like eating a bowl of fresh berries. There are so many options for this flavor it makes my head spin.
The Alphonso Mango is just an incredible mango. I always thought that my mango sorbet was good but this new flavor is over the top. The color, aroma and texture of this eats like a perfectly ripe mango. It still holds the name Julia's Favorite Mango.
Burnt sugar is one that I have been looking at for a while and now I am pleased to share it with you. I burn my own sugar in house and have a special process by which it is made into the gelato. I have always liked working with the savory and Star Anise is a great compliment to this dynamic flavor. If you like creme brulee then you will love this new flavor.
How long will it be before you can get these new flavors? Well we are delivering all of them to Findlay Market this Week and many other customers. It may take a little time before everyone has them. There are still some pints of the the previous mango sorbet on the shelves and that will need to be sold before they order the new. All of our independant customers will be adding them over the next few weeks. They will not be available at Bigg's or Whole Foods just yet. We are starting with the independants first. Let us know what you think.