Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cupcakes and Gelato in Downtown

I just returned from a trip downtown. Delivered a few flavors to Via Vite and delivered a new freezer to AbbyGirl Sweets. They are moving from Oakley to Downtown next to the Hilton on 5ht street. There is at least 20 feet of windo display wich is decorated with real cupcakes. They are set to open on Thursday, just in time for the big snow. The exciting news is that Madisono's and AbbyGirl are working together to offer something unique in Cincinnati. The first cupcake shop that serves gelato. We have all had cake and ice cream but cupcakes and gelato is it! They will offer French Vanilla and Chocolate to start and we will add more flavors very soon. The portions will be prescooped on site and put into authentic gelato cups imported from Italy.
The location is just one block away from the Square and is perfect for a quick visit. There are few tables and chairs as well. They will be offering coffee also. We will dilver the first order next week and should be ready to go by 15th.
AbbyGirl is owned by Nathana and Andrea, a husband and wife team and named after thier daughter Abby. Check out their website for more information. I need to say that they make an icing that is like no other. Seriously. You have never had one like this before. Stop in and say hay, get a cupcake and get ready for gelato.
My labels are due in this week and that means new flavors will be coming soon.