Friday, September 25, 2009

Make A Wish

This weekend is action packed for Madisono's Gelato. I need to tell you about a really cool thing that has happend. Madisono's is now packaging our gelato and sorbet under the Sustain Brand Label. This is a very unique concept started by Matt Kennedy of Kennedy Creative. Please see the links for more information. The concept is this Sustain Brands works with in a designated food web and sells the products only within 300 miles of the production location. They helpt cottage producers who are looking to build their business but find it hard to do so as a small vendor. The package not only tells the sustain brand story but it also tells about the producer of the food product. Madisono's does not loose any identity in the process. It is now being sold in the grocery department at Jungle Jims and at the New Richmond IGA. Sustain Brand will be at the Covington Food Fair this weekend with samples.
Madisono's is also proud to be a part of the Make A Wish Foundation fund raiser this weekend at ShakerRun Golf Club in Lebanon, Ohio. This is a great organization that has made a big difference in many peoples lives. We are offering our Madagascar Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, and Lemon sorbet. These are going to be paired with a hand painted cookie that is shaped like a maple leaf. There is a person that makes these cookies and paints each one by hand! She is making 300 of them. Is is an honor to have been asked to participate. Thanks to all of you who took part in that very special event. I hope you enjoyed the gelato and sorbet.
What else? Well Midpoint music festival is going on and you can find Madisono's being served at Coffee Emporium and at their mobile gelato cart as well. I know the weather is not the best for cold treats on a rainy cool night but just think about that with a hot cup of espresso. Yum.