Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Whole Foods and Local

Yesterday I had the oppertunity to smile for the camera. No one asked me to "work it" but Joe and I had a great time. Did you know tha Whole Foods has person that goes around and interviews their local vendors and takes pictures of them for display in the store. In about a month or so pictures and a brief bio will be displayed in the Whole Foods locations that serve Madisono's. Kate was a joy to work with. The two hours she was here went by very fast. I know she also met with Kinkaid Ridge Wines, Five Star Foodies and Snowville Creamery. It means alot to a small company that they are taking the time to do this at their cost and on their time. When people buy local products they are buying someone's passion and dream. Not to say that large brands do not have a place but local food products serve the local market. I buy from a local label company. I use local milk from a local dairy and so on. This helps to support other small businesses here in Cincinnati and in the surrounding area.
I am always impressed with Whole Foods at every level. I thought you might want to know that.

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