Friday, August 14, 2009

Room For Gelato

Congratulations to all of the gelato businesses featured in Polly Cambell's article on Wednesday! I was not aware of the location in Dayton KY. I can not wait to go for a gelato there. I have included the link for you to visit the site and read the article. Click here to go. This week has been a busy one. I will be delivering 3 new flavors to Oxford Ohio on Monday. 45 East and Tonic Sushi Bar will be serving Madisono's. The new flavors are Ginger Gelato, Bourbon Vanilla with Cherries and Tea with Lemon Sorbet. This one is really good. It tastes just like sweet tea with lemon but creamy and smooth. We brew the tea, add the lemon and use Madisono's sorbet science to create a remarkable textured sorbet. They are going to use it at the bar. I would like to thank Chef Paul Sturkey for helping out with this. He has been consulting and contacted me about flavor development for 45 East. I have always respected Paula and Pam for their contributions to our great city. I used to sell him mushrooms from the farm as well as blackberries when they were in Wyoming. That was a few years ago and we are still connected through food. Some bonds are hard to break. I will be doing a demo at Findlay Market on Saturday and one at Bigg's Hyde Park on Sunday. If you are in the neigborhood stop buy.