Saturday, August 1, 2009

Madisons at Findlay Market

My parents shop, Madison's at Findlay Market, 110 W. Elder St. continues to be our number one selling retail independent location. Madison's Shoppers buy more gelato and sorbet than any other retail location! As a big thank you to all of you Madisono's is providing a discount price to my parents so they can offer all of our flavors at $5.00. This is a $0.50 savings! I will be doing two demos this month and durring those demos we will be offering double stamps on our Pint Passport program. If you are not familiar with this program here it is. Buy a pint of gelat and get a stamp on your card. As soon as you buy 12 pints the 13th one is Free when you redeem your card!!!!!! I have some other extras for you that you will just have to see when you come down to Findlay Market. I hope to see you there. I will twee you all for the dates of the demos. If you are not following Madisono's on Twitter please consider it. I will only send you information that is important. Have great day. Also, my children are growing some great tomatoes in our back yard which my parents are selling for them. We are harvesting each week so ask for them.

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