Sunday, May 10, 2009

Martha Stewart Ice Cream

Saturday May 9th, I had the pleasure of working with Rita Heikenfeld, Macy's Culinary Coordinator, Chef Deb Goulding from Chef's Choice Catering and two very special guests Marissa and Vickie from Martha Stewart Magazine. Marissa and Vickie flew in from New York to talk about the great products available from Marthat Stewart. They featured several table settings, picnic options and many fine products available at Macy's from the Marthat Stewart line.

I have worked with Rita many times in the past and have done three of these Macy's events to date. All of them are great fun. The first was with Chef Rick Bayless last year. I prepared Horchata gelato for his audience. Horchata is a Mexican inspired cocept of cinnamon and lime zest. In April I provided Dark Chocolate Gelat for Andrea Robinson. She was in town discussing wine parings and foods. This brings me to the title. In the spirit of keeping everythin Martha, I used her recipe from the web site and magazine for her Vanilla Ice Cream. I prepared the ingredients exactly they way the recipe called for and wound up with a very smoothe and creamy rich ice cream. I used Nielsen Massey two fold bourbon vanilla. I have to say that this flavor brought back many memories for me. This basic recipe is one that we all have had as kids whenever there has been a salt and ice ice cream maker used at family gatherings and picnics.

We served the ice cream in cups with mini cones to the delight of everyone there. I will get some fo the links over the next few days and add them to the post.
The picture is of Marissa, Chef Deb Goulding, Me, Vickie


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