Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It is hard to believe that one week has gone by and not one blog entry. For those of you who have been checking sorry for the busy signal. I really mean busy signal. With three kids in soccer and all kinds of things going on I sometimes just forget to update so here it goes.
In the last week we did a great demo at Hyde Park Bigg's for Earth Day. There were at least 15 local vendors sampling thier products among other attractions. Even a milk cow. A real cow! I debuted the Lime Cilantro sorbet at Findlay Market this past weekend to rave reviews. I also sent some to Kellers IGA in Clifton. If you want to try it stop in and pick up a pint. We also have individual servings at Findlay Market to eat on the go. We had our first demo at Whole Foods Dublin. Which if you have not been there is just an awsome store. I delivered some gelato to the store and stopped by The North Market to Pick up some Jeni's Ice Cream. I do like Jeni's. I have written about her before so look in the archive. The rest of the week we have been working on maintaining production as the weather gets warmer the sales go up. Yea. Stop by your local retailer for Madisono's and if anyone wants to try our new Pinenut gelato you can get it at Boca.

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