Thursday, May 2, 2013

Seeing Squatchy

While we at Madisono's are very serious about our gelato and sorbet creations, we also really enjoy having fun while we do it. Noah and I listen to SomaFM (Indie Pop Rocks) while we work, we banter back and forth about production and flavors and generally have a great time in the plant. One of our favorite topics to discuss is Sasquatch; not because we believe it exists but because we love a good folklore. We are fascinated in particular by the people who track Sasquatch and claim sightings in the forests. So Sasquatch has lovingly become part of Madisono's lore, because it's just good fun. We imagine Sasquatch holding a pint of Madisono's gelato while he walks through the forest. We've even had sightings here at the plant. Luckily, we were able to capture the shot in time...

If you want to follow Madisono's Squatchy shots and add some of your own, use #MadSquatchy.

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