Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Caramel with Sea Salt: The real story about why it's not Burnt Sugar and Star Anise

The creative process is always at work, here at Madisono's. We love trying out new and different flavor combinations and testing them out on our *usually grateful* family and friends. Sometimes we start with one flavor combination and end up with a completely different one. Such is the case with one of our most beloved flavors, Caramel and Sea Salt.

Would you believe that this flavor actually started as burnt sugar with star anise? After some initial experimentation, Matt decided to make some caramel from the burnt sugar by adding cream to the hot mix. After the steam cleared, he poured the caramel ribbons into the vanilla base and added the sea salt to enhance the buttery flavors. After his first flavor tester (his mother-in-law) called and begged for more after trying the one pint, he figured he was on to something. Conversely, his kids wouldn’t touch the star anise version, so that was shelved for further exporation.

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