Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Fall Flavors from Madisono's Gelato and Sorbet!

They're here! We're very excited to start distribution on our seasonal flavors for fall. One of our favorite aspects to owning a gelato and sorbet company is that we get to create new flavors for our customers. These were especially fun to make since we partnered with so many local vendors. We love to support other local  and family-owned businesses and know that it makes Cincinnati the delicious place that it is!

We hope you have the chance to try one or all! Available at our retailers and select restaurants.

(from left to right)

1.      Spiced Cider Sorbet: Made with local fresh pressed cider from Beiersdorfer Orchards in Guilford, Indiana. We add our in own blend of mulling spices, then finish with fresh orange zest.

2.     Concord Grape Sorbet: Made with 100% concord grape juice, and no preservatives. Madisono’s has great relationship with a grower’s cooperative in New York, in the heart of Welch’s grape country.  The high pectin in the grape juice and our recipe science yields a creamy sorbet. Try it with peanut butter pie or as an intermezzo. We debuted this at ZooBrew last week and received rave reviews!
3.     Maple Walnut Gelato:  Made with Ohio maple syrup from Bonhomie Acres in Fredricktown, (their syrup is sold at Madison’s Market at Findlay Market).  We add chopped walnuts and brown sugar for a flavorful finish. How about some on a waffle?

4.     Cinnamon Crunch Gelato: Made from our own cinnamon gelato base in 15 gallon batches. The high oil content of the Vietnamese cinnamon delivers a real cinnamon punch.  Just before the gelato makes it into the pints, we blend French vanilla granola into the ribbons of frozen goodness.  My kids say it tastes like cinnamon toast crunch cereal. I think it is the best of a snickerdoodle. Let us know what you think!  

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