Thursday, August 16, 2012

A visit to Young's Dairy

Young's Dairy is only 40 minutes from Cincinnati, so I'm surprised how long it took me to pay them a visit. I'd read about Young's Dairy in my Frozen Foods Magazine (yes, there is such a publication...) and was impressed. They claimed 10,000 visitors in a week! I swear I thought it was a typo; how could an ice cream place in a rural part of Ohio draw so many visitors??

Last Saturday was my chance to find out. I gathered my family and set out to visit the Art Show in Yellow Springs, Ohio, go raspberry picking and finish off with a little ice cream treat from Young's. I can definitely see the attraction to tourists and locals alike! The dairy is set in the beautiful farm countryside amid rolling fields of soy beans and corn.

Jersey cows are known for their rich milk, so Young's ice cream has 15% butterfat. They make all the ice cream at the facility, along with cheeses and other dairy products sold in their Dairy Store. But wait, there's more! The Golden Jersey Inn serves homestyle cooking for dining and events, the Udders and Putters offers miniature golf, Cowvin's Kiddie Corral is a play area for those kids under 48", the Moovers and Shakers train ride operates in the spring, summer and fall, and there are more events scheduled throughout the year. Right now the corn maze is open!

A fun, family-friendly atmosphere is definitely what draws all those customers. We waited in a line that curled around the dining area before entering into the ice cream shop, where wiggly kids could climb around on miniature cows if they were feeling impatient. Though the line was long, I think we really only waited about 20 minutes, so those scooping kids sure know how to do their jobs quickly! We enjoyed some mint chip, chocolate chip, chocolate, and cookie dough scoops. Delicious and fun.

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Martha said...

If it weren't so far from us, we'd go there more kids love playing on the tractors there and feeding the goats. We do love their ice cream, too. One used to be able to buy raw milk there.