Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trade Secret: Nielsen Massey Vanilla

While our recipes are top secret, some ingredients are so good that we're happy to share with you why we include them in Madisono's gelato and sorbet.

One of the reasons our Madagascar Vanilla Gelato tastes so good is because we use whole vanilla beans from the pure vanilla experts, the Nielsen Massey Extracts company.

The Nielsen Massey family has been delivering and producing the finest quality vanilla since 1907. Still family owned and operated in Waukegan, IL, they have locations around the world to distribute and acquire their coveted flavors.

We use the whole vanilla pod in the creation of the vanilla base because it ensures the vanilla flavor as it was meant to be delivered. Rich and mellow, sweet and smooth...delicious!

Here are some fun facts we learned about vanilla from the website:

• In baking, cream the vanilla with the shortening or butter portion of the ingredients. The fat encapsulates the vanilla, preventing it from volatilizing in the baking process.

• Vanilla beans are hand-pollinated on family plantations.

• The entire vanilla cultivation process, from planting to market, can take from 5 to 6 years!

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