Friday, February 24, 2012

Madisono's Gelato at Arnold's Pub and Grill

Arnold's is one of those Cincinnati gems...a friendly bar that has served up excellent beer, great food and music since the 1860s. That is a long history of success in our fair city and when you walk in, you get a sense of that historical charm. The beautiful wooden bar, imperfectly plastered walls, wooden floors worn smooth from all the patrons walking in to relax after a long day's work. The courtyard always feels to me like you've found a secret little resting spot holding fast between the towering city buildings around it. The simple patio tables and brick walls gather around a humble stage for intimate musical performances. So charming! There is a great story about the bathtub in the upstairs dining rooms, read about it here.

Next time you go, you can enjoy some of Madisono's Gelato with your Greek spaghetti lunch. They offer our Mocha Chip, Hazelnut, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Orange gelato in our prepacked 6 ounce cups.

Arnold's is located at 210 East Eighth Street, in downtown Cincinnati.

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