Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Seasonal Flavors are Coming! Meyer Lemon sorbet

Would you take a look at these beauties? These are very special lemons called Meyer Lemons. What makes them so special you say? Well for one, they are now a new seasonal sorbet flavor offered by Madisono's starting in February. We use a lot of hand motions and facial expressions in the shop to describe flavors, so this our best effort using words. It would help if you could imagine us making a sweeping gesture with our hands from our mouth to heaven above and looking like we are going to cry because the taste is so overwhelmingly beautiful. Got the image? Now for words: sweet, tart, lively, refreshing, bursting, clean, lemon-y, citrus, crisp, bright...

Meyer lemons themselves are very special, even before their life in our sorbet. The Meyer lemon is actually a hybrid between a lemon and a mandarin orange. This is why the rind has a dark warm yellow color and the flavor is less acrid and slightly sweeter than a typical lemon. The fruit originates from China and was brought to America by agricultural explorer Frank Meyer in 1908. You can purchase Meyer lemon trees and grown your own, but in our ever changing midwestern climate they are a challenge to keep alive. We actually tried to grow one at our house but our black thumb took it to fruit tree heaven a few months later. If you'd like to learn more, here is a link to an interesting article from NPR about the lovely lemon.

Here is a picture of how we get that gorgeous flavor into the sorbet. After scraping off the flavorful rind (which is entirely edible, by the way) and adding that to the sorbet base, we squeeze the juices out so that every delicious part possible of the Meyer lemon is incorporated. Can you imagine how great the shop smells after this? It smells really good. This flavor and 3 others will be soon available at retail locations in February of 2012.

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