Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year from Madisono's Gelato

We're excited to start this new year off right by replacing the old computer that took an impossible 60 seconds to load a page is now replaced with a current and speedy model. It takes a little time to install everything but man, it's worth it!

Installing a new computer is just a part of the fun we're having today. The other part is making some sorbet. Ruby Red Grapefruit sorbet to be specific. We developed this special flavor exclusively for Executive Chef Cristian Pietoso for Nichola's (top rated Zagat in 2011) and Via Vite restaurants here in Cincinnati. It is featured in the signature scroppino drinks served there and one patron recently reported to me that this drink is "the best alcoholic drink ever!".

If you're finished with the New Year's wine and champagne, here is a recipe for the refreshing Italian drink adapted from this recipe. We suggest you try this one and then have one of Chef Cristian's for a full taste test and report back to us later...

*to find Madisono's pink grapefruit sorbet, check our "Where to find it" page on this blog.


1 pint pink grapefruit sorbet

1/4 cup Prosecco or sparkling wine

1/4 cup vodka

Pour ingredients into a blender, clamp on the lid and buzz until the ingredients are fully incorporated and frothy, 30 to 40 seconds.

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