Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dorothy Lane Market Vendor Honor Roll

We all look forward to Friday. Why? It's the end of the work week, it might be pay day for some and it might be casual dress day for others. Regardless of the reason Friday's are special. At Madisono's Fridays come with much anticipation for the above mentioned reasons but it also means that I get to head to The Gem City. For the last three years Madisono's has been producing gelato and sorbetto for The Dorothy Lane Markets in Dayton Ohio, under their label and Friday is their delivery day. As soon as I hit the Cincinnati Dayton Rd. exit I turn my dial to 91.3 WYSO. Niki Dakota plays the most amazing assortment of music and at noon I look forward to Fimically perfect for the ride home. Most of the time I make Springboro the last stop and while I'm there I order up a cup of Boston Stoker coffee. The Stoker is Dayton's gourmet coffee roaster and each DLM store has a full service coffee bar inside. Keep in mind that DLM has had this going on way before anyone from Kroger ever considered the Starbucks thing. DLM leads the grocery industry in so many ways it's hard to count. Others can only try. They are "the store that accomodates."
This past Friday I hosted a meeting of grocery managers, and other in the DLM organization to discuss our new Spring flavors and bring them up to speed on developments at Madisono's. I sent Joe, my production manager, to The Gem City for the delivery run. I stayed behind and prepared for the meeting. When we had finished our discussions and sampling Tom Winter presented me with the DLM Vendor Honor Roll award much to my surprise. I also received a letter from Calvin Mayne the President and CEO. Here is how it reads
Dear Matt
Much of the success of Dorothy Lane Market over the years has been due to the close cooperation of vendors such as you, vendors who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to serve DLM. In 1991 we instituted the DLM Vendor Honor Roll award in order to recognize outstanding vendors for their excellent service.
This is the 20th year for our award and we are pleased to present you with the accompanying plaque as a token of our appreciation for your support, service, and loyalty. You help make it possible for us to be "the store that accomodates." Thank you and congratulations.
It is an honor to receive this award. The plaque and official letter will be on display at Findlay Market. If you are feeling like a mini food adventure consider heading to the DLM Springboro store for some great shopping and eating. It is not that far from Cincinnati and you will be impressed. Consider getting lunch and eating upstairs while a real piano player plays music. They are a full service store and you might find some new favorites. Unlike many other stores where their store brands are cheep knock offs to the real deal, DLM holds their brand to a much higher standard. Their store brands are better than the national labels. They use Madisono's for their gelato and sorbetto and you all know how good that is. If you do go let them know you are visiting from Cincinnati and that Madisono's sent you.
Thanks for supporting Madisono's and Dorothy Lane Markets

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