Thursday, February 25, 2010

Madisono's and Sustain Brand

I have bloged about Sustain Brand before and I have some great material to share. Sustain Brand is an part of Kennedy Creative, a local company in Cincinnati. Matt Kennedy, the founder, has developed Sustain Brand in an effort to help small producers get larger market oppertunities and bring the local awareness to their products. Here is a link to a video. There is another video on Matt delivering salsa to a local IGA. You may know Cactus Pear Salsa? It is at the bottom of the video. Matt also had some great news in Soapbox. Here is the link to that. Right now Sustain Brand Gelato and Sorbet is available at Jungle Jim's and Rivertown IGA. There are two new flavors coming out for that label and they are Black Raspberry Sorbet and Sumatran Java Gelato. The unique part of the Sustain relationship is that producers do not lose any equity in their brand. My story is told on the backside of the label. I am looking forward to working with Matt in on many more markets.
I hope all of you have enjoyed the snow. I have. It is not the best time to sell gelato and sorbet but that is fine. Spring is just around the corner.
Thanks for all of your continued support!