Monday, November 23, 2009

Spiced Chai for the holidays

Once again I am making the spiced chai gelato. It is a combination of cinnamon, clove and cardamom spices mixed with my cream gelato base. It is a great compliment to any apple dish, pumpkin or coffee. I always feel like warming up with a hot cup of coffee and a scoop of spiced chai gelato regardless of the temperature in my house. There is something about the flavors that is warming. Look for it at College Hill Coffee Company, Whole Foods Mason, and Madison's at Findaly Market.
I also want to let you know about a new place that just opened. It is called Meals to Go. They are located on Winton Road Finneytown, 8592. The telphone number is 521-meal and everything is made from scratch. They focus on family dinners and corporate lunches. Madisono's has a freezer there with 11 flavors so you can get some good food to go and some gelato as well. Thanksgiving us fast approaching and soon the new year. I hope you all have a great holiday and try some cinnamon gelato on your pumpkin pie.