Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Flavors are coming New Flavors are coming!

It is hard to believe that there is one month left in this most memorable year. Good riddens (sp?). Even though this year has been hard for many of my restaurant customers many are optimistic for 2010 and through careful planning have managed to stay in business. This past year I decided not to introduce any new flavors to the mix. Why? I wanted to refine my process from start to finish. I looked at everything and built models that would allow me to focus on the prinicples of Madisono's. Introducing new flavors disrupts that process. Madisono's is moving in a positive direction with respect to ingredients and process. It is my goal to offer the most natural product possible. I am please to say that this years work is paying off. I have some great new flavors that are moving out of the R&D mode and into production very soon.
What are they? Well I can not say right now but I can tell you that they are going to rock your taste buds! Look for them at Findlay Market as that is where I will make their debut.
I also wanted to mention that this year Madisono's will be at the Ballet for the sweet shop on Dec 20th. My friend Jay Kalagayan from The Know Theatre, is now the Director of Development for the Ballet. Congrats Jay. I should also note that in the most recent issue of Express, Jay includes Madisono's and Coffee Emporium as his guilty pleasurs. I will be at the sweet shop serving up all kinds of flavors and should have a sneak peak of some of those new flavors. I hope all of you had a good turkey or tofu day and enjoyed some Madisono's gelato with your meal.