Friday, September 14, 2012

Pawpaw sorbet, Bouquet Restaurant and Findlay Market

Bouquet Restaurant created this 4 grain salad and topped it with Madisono's Pawpaw Sorbet
 Last night we were so happy to participate in the Eat Local for The Globe fundraising event at Findlay Market. Excellent local food creations were presented to ticket holders in two ways: buy a 7 course meal created and cooked by local chefs OR choose to graze along the food tents where more restaurants and chefs prepared portions of delicious food for guests. We have a special place in our hearts for Findlay Market as it was the first place where I started selling my products (then it was our farm produce and specialty mushrooms) in a pop-up tent on Elder Street. The changes we've seen over the past 12 years have been astounding and we believe Findlay Market is the pulse of the local food community.

Madisono's Gelato was paired with Bouquet Restaurant on Main Street in Covington, KY and we were located right in front of Madison's Market on Elder Street (that pop-up tent has changed a little to a full produce and specialty food shop run by Bryan and Carolyn Madison). Chef Stephen Williams created the most amazing 4 grain salad which included quinoa, flax seed, hemp seed and buckwheat. He added dragon beans, tomatoes, watermelon and blended those ingredients with a honey citrus dressing. The ingredients were sourced locally and donated by Madison's Market. Madisono's created a Pawpaw sorbet which topped the salad. "Pawpaw sorbet?" you say? "What't that?" We'll tell you about this local specialty next week.

It never ceases to amaze me what talented chefs like Stephen can create. We are very lucky indeed!
The 7 course meal was served at long tables in and near the Farmer's Market Shed

The grazing event was along the perimiter of the Findlay Market House

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Martha said...

I'd love to try that...looks scrumptious! ♥ I bought a pint of your honey lavender ice cream at Pipkin's good! We saw some paw paw trees at Parky's Farm with the kids recently. I know they are a local Ohio fruit, but I really don't know much about them.