Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Soapbox Cincinnati

Last week I had the great pleasure of talking with Elena Stevenson from Cincinnati Soapbox. She had called to set up a time to do a phone interview about Madisono's Gelato and we were able to connect last Thursday. Elena had some great questions. I say this all the humility in the world but I love being interviewed. Let me explain. I spend all day, all night thinking about my business. I even dream about it. Sometimes they are good dreams but most of the time they are anxiety based for one reason or another. Owning and running a small business is hard, regardless of what the business does. While thinking about my business, be it about finances, new flavor names, pricing, sales, inspections, sales leads and everything else, there rarely comes a time when things are in real perspective. When being interviewed, the questions cause me to think about my business in a different way. I recalled my days at the Findlay market farm shed, working on the farm 9 years ago, selling shiitake mushrooms, and all the great milestones since I founded Madisono's. I would never, in a normal day have time or the reason to take all of that into account within a 10 minute stretch. For me, the interview is like looking back on a scrap book with fond memories. It also helps me to see just how far I have come and how much work has gone into where I am now. Sometimes I get caught up in the details of the now and forget to look at the real picture. Interviews help me put it all back into a framework that despite the immediate challenges of the day, I am doing what I love to do. Create. I am excited about dipping fresh gelato at Findlay Market. I am excited about the warm weather and I have much more to share with all of you. For now here is the link to the interview.